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We have to say,  we are very much in love with frames.  We have spent our lifetime putting wonderful frames around so many great and precious memories. There is such a satisfying feeling stirring up our hearts every time we see our frames hanging beautifully on our customers’ walls, or sitting on their bedside tables. We can never get over that joy.  It was a very distinctive pleasure no words can describe.

Fired up by this unique passion for artistic frames, we established our frame company in 2001 under the name of Apics Gallery It was the beginning of a long and meaningful journey in pursuing our dream to be the best frame company in the city.  Our passion for frames kept on growing stronger that in 2007 we decided to make a major change in our business concept, from an art picture-with-frame company  to a frame-with-art picture  company.  Thus frame is no longer a supporting item in our business. It has become the main business. Along with this major change, our company also changed its name to FramOus. The new name reflects our vision to be ‘famous’ for our steadfast commitment to providing people with the most stunning frame designs that will perfectly accompany their sweet memories.

From our own research and development, we also realized that design plays an essential and important role in the frame business. So we began to communicate our new concept by creating unique and creative frame designs as well as adding new frame categories every once in a while. Deco concept,  Story Box,  Memory Box,  Story Wall,  Elegant Concept  and  Special Concept  are some of our most favorite photo frame products that never lose its popularity throughout the years.

Since 2009, we brought into our store the great works of well-known Indonesian painters such as D Kustin, Ngudi Rahardjo, Dodik Hartono, Suratno, Mujiono, Anshori, Widianto, Sulaiman, Tedi Sulangi, Iwan Yuwono, M. Zakky, Asep Leoka, Jaka SP and Mpu Harris. The beauty of their paintings completely matches the grandeur emitted by our royally designed frames.

Together, they made a perfect pair for your luxury homes. However, to keep things in balance and to be able to provide frames for all people, we also founded a sister brand  PIGURAKU  that offers photo frame products with more affordable price.

We are currently focusing our company on creating exciting frame experiences for office and home decorations.  Amazingly, we are still adding new categories to an already massive collection. Black and white, abstracts, and motivational pictures are some of the most interesting categories of all time. Simple drawings and photography shots containing everyday objects of bathroom, kids room, kitchen, and things pertaining hobbies and interests like golf and pets are added to provide customers with a whole lot of frame and picture alternatives to choose from.

It would be our greatest joy, to see one of our frames has its chance to lighten up your home. Do remember FramOus whenever you need a frame for any of your occasions.  FramOus outlets are nestled at the best shopping malls in Surabaya, so you will easily find us in times of ‘frame’ emergency. We are more than happy to assist you to the best of our knowledge and accommodate your needs with our rich selections of frames and pictures. Because at FRAMOUSFrames are Us.  And Our Frames are for You.


A good quality service is what makes us who we are today, a famous frame company with thousands of happy customers across the city. At FramOus, we provide complete and thorough services for all customers to ensure that they will leave our stores not only with the right frame of their choice, but also with a spring in their steps and a satisfied smile on their faces.